A speculation platform made for all

Bet on the odds, your skill, or us



The EtherACE Platform

A decentralized assets speculation and betting platform built on Ethereum. We are a trustless market instrument users can profit from. EtherAce has three main features: You can bet on the high odds of winning in games of chance, on your trading and analytic skills in our derivatives market, or on us by holding our ACEX  (ACE Dividends)  token.
State Channels
Are applied to create instant off-chain transactions and keep on-chain honesty
Open-source autonomous code living on the blockchain using smart contracts
Earn dividends from 100% platform earnings in ETH by holding ACEX tokens
Rely on the competively-high odds, or rely on your skill to win

A DAPP for anyone in crypto

Chance Game Suite
  • Smooth UX with state channels
  • Provably-fair results
  • Low 1% house edge
  • No sign-ups or deposits
  • Near-instant payouts in ETH
  • Variety of games to play
Decentralized Derivatives Market
  • Trustless peer-to-peer environment
  • No manipulation of results
  • Use your skill to profit
  • Fees lower then exchanges
  • No barriers, fluid and honest
  • Leverage, futures and swap trades
Dividend-Yielding Tokens
  • Quarterly payouts in ETH to holders
  • Dividends proportionate to amount of ACEX held
  • Voting privileges on all aspects of EtherAce
  • Use ACEX tokens on our platform for a discount on fees
  • March/April 2018 Official birth of EtherAce, develop the website, high-level plans and design of the system.

  • May 2018 Launch the EtherAce website, develop the beta Flip MVP, release the v1.0.1 of the whitepaper, develop the beta O/U MVP.

  • May 28 2018 Public beta release onto Ethereum testnet of the first chance game MVP, Flip, a classic, fair game with a new UX.

  • June 11/13 2018 Public announcement of EtherAce, Public beta release onto Ethereum testnet of the first speculation contract MVP, O/U, functionally similar to a multi-party futures contract/going long or short.

  • July/August 2018 Public Pre-ICO begins July 24, 2018 17:00 GMT, UI/functionality improvements for both first products (ie. chatboxes, FairEntryEngine), begin implementing structure of 1-1 market/develop with existing protocols, R&D into state channels

  • August/September 2018 ICO Crowdsale, start date TBD, an exchange listing, develop the dividends contract, public bug bounty and gas optimization on existing smart contracts.

  • September/October 2018 Integrate 1-to-1 state channels into first products, support 5 more tokens/assets, allow users to set contract times for any period, develop community voted suggestions, Mainnet Launch of both first products, updated roadmap released.

  • October/November 2018 Peer-to-peer chance game, development of 1-to-n state channels, perpetual & future contracts, orderbook, margin-trading and leverage logic, 1-to-1 swap trading.

  • December 2018 Trading/liquidation engine, live index price, integrate m-p state channels into swap trading/p2p game, conduct bug bounty, perform localization of entire platform for different markets, ex. Korea.

  • Q1 2019 Complete trading/liquidation engine, Mainnet Launch of fluid swap market and p2p game, mobile version of the platform, stop-triggers and other basic functionality, marketing strategies officially deployed.

  • End Vision and Product A decentralized, trustless, fluid, high-volume speculation platform for all to use. A Chance Game Suite with multiple betting applications against the 'house' and p2p. A Derivatives Market offering leverage and different contracts, the ability to speculate on any asset, from cryptocurrencies to gold and oil, useful for the crypto market but also the traditional derivatives market ($1.2 Quadrillion). The ACEX token which can be used on the platform for advantages, voting or held for dividends.

ACEX Tokens
Similar gambling sites attract millions of dollars in volume per day, however, our main focus is our derivatives market. A similar, centralized derivatives market attracts over 4 billion USD in volume per day. We will be offering the same functionality but on a decentralized, trustless and transparent platform, where users can benefit from all the volume on it.

Use ACEX tokens to unlock advanced features and analytics, as well as lower fees
Receive quarterly dividends in ETH by holding ACEX tokens
Vote on features to be implemented into the EtherAce platform, different rules, and fee rates
EtherAce is the communities platform to benefit from, we will all succeed together
Sale Details

To participate in the Pre-ICO (100% bonus) enter your e-mail and the ethereum address you will contribute from. You will get confirmation on this site and an e-mail confirming you are registered on our whitelist.

Please follow the laws of your local jurisdiction in relation to token sales and online gambling.

  • Start Date:July 24, 2018, 17:00 GMT
  • End Date:July 31, 2018 or until soft cap is reached
  • Rate - 100% Bonus:1 ETH = 11,000 ACEX (0.052 USD)
  • Soft Cap:135 ETH (75,000 USD)
  • Hard Cap:Limited to 100,000,000 tokens

  • Start Date:31 days after end of Pre-ICO Sale
  • Base Rate:1 ETH = 5,500 ACEX (0.104 USD)

  • Type:ERC20
  • Total Supply:125,000,000 ACEX
  • *Crowdsale:100,000,000 ACEX
  • *Crowdsale Hard Cap:8,665 ETH (5,200,000 USD)
  • *Crowdsale Soft Cap:866 ETH (520,000 USD)
  • *The term 'Crowdsale' refers to the funds raised/tokens sold from the Pre-ICO and ICO combined.
  • Development:              40%
  • Marketing:                    35%
  • Bankroll/Liquidity:     20%
  • Exchanges:                    5%

  • Development:              10%
  • Marketing:                    90%
  • The Pre-ICO soft cap (75,000 USD) is to fund the marketing of the ICO, raise awareness of the platform and fund the next stage of development to match our Roadmap. The Pre-ICO soft cap funds may be re-allocated based on how much is raised during the Pre-ICO. Further details on everything for our platform and this project are available in our whitepaper.
  • Crowdsale:   100,000,000 (80%)
  • Team:            18,750,000 (15%)
  • Bounty:          6,250,000 (5%)

The teams tokens will be time-locked with a smart contract, every six months 33% of the total team tokens will be released. (Released over 2 years). In the case of unsold tokens, team tokens will be burnt to maintain a ratio of 15% of total supply.

Bonus Structure
1 ACEX = 0.052 USD
1 ACEX = 0.069 USD
1 ACEX = 0.077 USD
1 ACEX = 0.083 USD
1 ACEX = 0.094 USD
1 ACEX = 0.104 USD

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