A decentralized gambling application

Bet on the competitively low odds to win cryptocurrency


We are raising $25,000-$60,000 USD to start our made gambling dApp Flip. Investors will own a percentage of the pot and be paid dividends in Ether.
Token price is 0.06 USD. 3 months after completion of our early-funding we will be having a larger sale. Token price is 0.12-0.14 USD. The goal of the 3 month period is to attract users and revenue. Total supply is 10,000,000 tokens.

To invest please contact us through our e-mail [email protected] or via one of our online accounts below.

Our Partners

The EtherACE Platform

A decentralized gambling platform built on Ethereum. We are a trustless application users can profit from. EtherAce has two main features: You can bet against our low 1% house edge, or on us by holding our EAD  (EtherAce Dividends)  token.
State Channels
Are applied to create instant off-chain transactions and keep on-chain honesty
Open-source autonomous code living on the blockchain using smart contracts
Earn dividends from 100% platform earnings in ETH by holding EAD tokens
Bet against the low 1% house edge, a competitively-low edge to win ETH

A DAPP for gambling in crypto

Flip Gambling DApp
  • Smooth UX with state channels
  • Provably-fair results
  • Low 1% house edge
  • No sign-ups or deposits
  • Near-instant payouts in ETH
  • Built on multiple turing-blockchains
State Channels
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • No manipulation of results
  • No transaction fees
  • Play unlimited games on-chain
  • Instant bets on the blockchain
Dividend-Yielding Tokens
  • Quarterly payouts in ETH to holders
  • Dividends proportionate to amount of EAD held
  • Voting privileges on all aspects of EtherAce
  • May 2018 Official birth of EtherAce, develop the website, high-level plans and design of the system.

  • June 2018 Launch the EtherAce website, develop the alpha Flip decentralized application

  • June 15th, 2018 Public beta release onto Ethereum testnet of the first chance game MVP, Flip, a classic, fair game with a new UX.

  • July 4th, 2018 Public announcement of EtherAce, public announcement of Pre-Sale for funding of the house pot

  • July 2018 Rebrand our project, Public Pre-ICO begins October 1, 2018 17:00 GMT, UI/functionality improvements for Flip products (ie. chatboxes), R/D into state channels.

  • August/September 2018 Develop the dividends contract, gas optimization on existing smart contracts, server-side random number generation vs Oraclize, R/D into cross-platform dApps.

  • October/November 2018 Mainnet Launch, integrate 1-to-1 state channels into first products, support 5 more cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin as one) for betting, develop community voted suggestions, start hosting decentralized on IPFS, updated roadmap released.

  • October/November 2018 Integrate referral system for explosive growth. Localization of dApp for largest markets. Particularly Russia, China, Korea, Japan and India. Because of our decentralized nature, online gambling laws will not affect our site. Public ICO crowdsale, start date TBD.

  • December 2018 Port from centralized database to decentralized. Offer dividend pay-outs in any cryptocurrency through atomic swaps or Kyber integration. Build same platform on different blockchains (ex. EOS).

  • Q1 2019 Mobile application of our flipping game using Status Network. Support bets in any cryptocurrency. Develop new games, peer-to-peer etc. Expected $10 million daily volume.

  • End Vision and Product A decentralized, provably-fair gambling application with a great user experience, not like decentralized application user experiences today. Make it easy to use, support all cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, give people of all countries the access to it through a decentralized and anonymous nature.

EAD Tokens
Similar gambling sites attract millions of dollars in volume per day. We're taking the next step to mainstream decentralized gambling by using technology like atomic swaps and state channels. We will also be focusing on full decentralization, and offering our application to markets who usually can't participate in online gambling. Be a part of our pot and earn passive income!

Use EAD tokens to unlock discounts from our partners with functionality like atomic swaps
Receive quarterly dividends in ETH by holding EAD tokens
Vote on features to be implemented into the EtherAce platform, and suggest new games
EtherAce is the communities platform to benefit from, we will all succeed together
Sale Details

To participate in the Pre-ICO (130% bonus) enter your e-mail and the ethereum address you will contribute from. You will get confirmation on this site and an e-mail confirming you are registered on our whitelist.

Please follow the laws of your local jurisdiction in relation to token sales. Members of the U.S. should not participate.

  • Start Date:October 1, 2018, 17:00 GMT
  • End Date:October 14, 2018 or until soft cap is reached
  • Rate - 130% Bonus:1 ETH = 11,000 EAD (0.06 USD)
  • Soft Cap:75 ETH (25,000 USD)
  • Hard Cap:Limited to $60,000 USD

  • Start Date:90 days after end of Pre-ICO Sale
  • Base Rate:1 ETH = 5,500 EAD (0.14 USD)

  • Type:ERC20
  • Total Supply:10,000,000 EAD
  • *Crowdsale:5,000,000 EAD
  • *Crowdsale Hard Cap:3000 ETH (500,000 USD)
  • *Crowdsale Soft Cap:75 ETH (25,000 USD)
  • *The term 'Crowdsale' refers to the funds raised/tokens sold from the Pre-ICO and ICO combined.
  • Development:              20%
  • Marketing:                    20%
  • Bankroll:                        55%
  • Exchanges:                    5%

  • Development:              5%
  • Bankroll:                       95%
  • The Pre-ICO soft cap (25,000 USD) is to fund the bankroll of the app, so we can launch and start our user base. Also to fund the next stage of development to match our Roadmap. The Pre-ICO soft cap funds may be re-allocated based on how much is raised during the Pre-ICO (If we raise more then our soft cap).

  • Crowdsale:   5,000,000 (50%)
  • Team:            4,500,000 (45%)
  • Bounty:          500,000 (5%)

Team tokens will be vested for two years. If funds are required to further develop the platform the team will release a financial funding plan and the community can vote on it. If approved by 80% of the community, team tokens will be released and sold to fund the platform.

Bonus Structure
1 EAD = 0.06 USD
1 EAD = 0.12 USD
1 EAD = 0.125 USD
1 EAD = 0.13 USD
1 EAD = 0.135 USD
1 EAD = 0.14 USD

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